Julie Grace

Julie Grace, Policy Analyst


Julie Grace is a policy analyst in the Badger Institute’s Center for Opportunity. Grace most recently served as a policy and communications advisor to Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, where she coordinated the lieutenant governor's press and media appearances and assisted in policy development. Prior to that, she served as an editorial intern for Wisconsin Public Television and a graduate assistant at Marquette University in the O’Brien Fellowship in Public Service Journalism. While completing her master’s degree in communications at Marquette University, Grace interned at the Badger Institute, researching and reporting on the state and local impact of federal grants as part of the institute’s Project for 21st Century Federalism.

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Students bear brunt of COVID-19 inequality

Families turn to private schools as MPS ignores federal entreaties and keeps classrooms shut
By Julie Grace

Nearly 1,000 out-of-state health care providers help Wisconsinites during pandemic

Streamlined licensing reciprocity should be made permanent and extended to other professions
By Julie Grace
December 7, 2020

Violent: a matter of definition

The state labels thousands of offenders violent when they've never committed an act of violence
By Julie Grace

Civil War hero canceled

Madison protesters sacrifice symbol of abolition, equality and freedom for Black Lives Matter dogma
By Julie Grace

Wisconsin DOC classifies as violent many more offenses than does the FBI

State needs better crime data to get an accurate picture of who’s incarcerated here and why
By Julie Grace
September 2, 2020

Universal licensure recognition bills gain momentum

A growing list of states that have adopted universal licensure recognition
By Julie Grace
July 22, 2020

Iowa adopts model occupational licensing reform package

Measure creates universal recognition, waives fees for low-income workers, expands opportunities for ex-offenders
By Julie Grace
June 24, 2020

Universal licensure recognition works

Accepting out-of-state credentials should continue after the crisis ends.
By Julie Grace
May 13, 2020

A reasoned response to the COVID-19 crisis

Badger Institute analysts and visiting fellows have weighed in on the COVID-19 health and economic crisis from a variety of perspectives over the past several weeks.
By Ike Brannon, David Fladeboe, Julie Grace, Robert W. Poole Jr. and Marie Rohde

Telemedicine to the rescue

In wake of COVID-19, telehealth regulations have been loosened; those changes should remain even after crisis is over
By Martha Njolomole and Julie Grace
April 2, 2020

Analysis: Wisconsin's military licensing reciprocity law a model for broader reform

Arizona, Pennsylvania paved way for full licensure recognition
By Julie Grace
March 25, 2020

State licensing barriers hindering healthcare workers during crisis

Lawmakers should streamline regulations so more people can work
By Julie Grace
March 23, 2020

Stuck on the sidelines

Occupational licensing regulations can undermine public health in the name of protecting it
By Julie Grace
March 17, 2020

Claim that violent crime is up 24% statewide is wrong

Badger Institute analysis shows the rate is much lower, and complicated crime reporting makes comparisons difficult
By Julie Grace
February 26, 2020

New bills would make it easier for Wisconsinites to work

Senate committee passes two licensing reform bills
By Julie Grace
February 12, 2020

Legislature right to consider options to licensure

Bill allows for optional registration for in-state insurance adjusters
By Julie Grace
January 21, 2020

'Sunrise review' would inform legislators about impact of proposed occupational licenses

Wisconsin should join states that have enacted sunrise laws as an alternative to new licenses that fence out workers and don't protect the public
By Julie Grace
January 16, 2020

Problems with prosecutor funding in Wisconsin

The current system is vulnerable to politics and perverse incentives
By Julie Grace and Patrick Hughes
January 10, 2020

Adjusting the occupational licensure mindset

Creating a license for public insurance adjusters is not necessary in Wisconsin
By Julie Grace
October 23, 2019

Julie Grace 2019 Dental Therapy Testimony

Badger Institute Policy Analyst Julie Grace testifies in favor of 2019 SB 89 before the Wisconsin Senate Committee on Health and Human Services on August 21, 2019

2019 SB 89 would provide for the licensure of dental therapists, who are health care practitioners who may engage in the limited practice of dentistry.

Dental therapy would provide access to the many Wisconsinites who lack dental care

Wisconsin is one of the worst-performing states in the country at providing dental care for disadvantaged kids.
By Julie Grace and Ken Taylor
August 20, 2019

Protecting history or promoting agendas?

The use of historic designation nowadays often has nothing to do with preservation.
Analysis by Julie Grace

Expungement reform would put people back to work

Wisconsin’s law, which requires a judge to decide on expungement at the time of sentencing, is unlike any in the nation.
By Julie Grace
April 11, 2019

Private school principals say federal funding process is flawed

Special needs students are left behind because of inequitable allocation of federal resources, administrators say in Badger Institute survey.
By Julie Grace
March 13, 2018

Teachers want to help kids, not do paperwork

Federal requirements in special ed are especially burdensome, educators tell Badger Institute in survey.
By Dan Benson and Julie Grace
January 25, 2018

Educators decry feds' heavy-handed approach toward local schools

"I have to do a lot of paperwork and spend time testing my kids instead of teaching my kids."
By Dan Benson and Julie Grace
January 25, 2018

Wisconsin school officials want federal role in local education reduced

Funding regulations hamper districts and don’t improve education, local officials say in Badger Institute survey.
By Dan Benson and Julie Grace
December 12, 2017

Schools hire pricey specialists to deal with federal grant rules

Paperwork takes staff away from daily responsibilities and educating kids, officials say.
By Julie Grace
November 13, 2017

Act 10 savings torpedoed

Federal regulations force school districts to spend that money or face funding cuts.
By Dan Benson and Julie Grace

Federal rules distort local education policy

School officials make decisions they wouldn’t make otherwise to comply with funding requirements.
By Julie Grace and Dan Benson
September 12, 2017

WI legislators missing opportunity to take control of education

ESSA could offer opportunities for state to involve districts in decision-making.
By Julie Grace and Dan Benson
September 12, 2017