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LISTEN: Angela Rachidi discusses employment and the safety net

Wisconsin’s unemployment situation has rebounded, but participation in government programs remains elevated. Angela K. Rachidi, PhD is the author of a Badger Institute report “Employment and the Safety Net During the Pandemic”
October 21, 2021

Policy brief: Despite Wisconsin’s strong economic recovery, participation in government programs remains high

Lawmakers should reinstate work requirements to encourage labor force participation, says author
October 11, 2021

Employment and the Safety Net During the Pandemic

Wisconsin’s unemployment situation has rebounded, but participation in government programs remains elevated.
By Angela Rachidi
October 2021

Evers’ big government solutions for social problems

Some of the governor’s budget proposals to help low-income families are ineffective, ripe for abuse or better left to the private sector
By Angela Rachidi
March 16, 2021

Improving Wisconsin Works Transition for low-income families

Parents with disabilities or health limitations often time out of the program or end up on disability insurance
By Angela Rachidi, Ph.D.
October 2020

Wisconsin's Missing Rung

Policies linked to work are critical to lifting people out of poverty
By Angela Rachidi, Ph.D.
January 2020

Why hiring the previously incarcerated is good business

An employer handbook
By Julie Grace and Thomas Lyons
November 2019

Minimum Wage

The high cost of increasing the minimum wage in Wisconsin to $15
By Ike Brannon and Andrew Hanson
April 2019

Ban the Box Policies

Fair-chance hiring laws may hurt the job-seekers they aim to help
February 2019

Wisconsin: A Blueprint for More Workers

In response to a tight state labor market, our latest report offers strategies for increasing labor force participation. The authors find that increasing the participation rate by just 1 percentage point would increase gross state product by a whopping $667 annually per resident.
By Ike Brannon and Andrew Hanson
August 2018

Unlocking Potential

Wisconsin cannot afford the status quo on its corrections policy. Programs across the nation that are working to reduce recidivism should be part of the state's strategy.
Authors include Michael Flaherty, Marie Rohde, Michael Jahr, Janet Weyandt, Joe Stumpe and Gerard Robinson.
December 2016

Real-World Impacts of Prevailing Wage

Five stories from around Wisconsin illustrate the need for repeal of prevailing wage.
Authors include Dave Daley, Lori Holly, Greg Pearson, Betsy Thatcher
and Jan Uebelherr
May 2015

The Economic Impact of a Right-to-Work Law on Wisconsin

Analysis shows the economic benefits of a right-to-work law.
By Richard Vedder, Joseph Hartge and Christopher Denhart
February 2015

Raising Wisconsin's Minimum Wage: Who would be helped? Who would be hurt?

Raising the minimum wage would boost the wages of some workers, but it also would result in fewer jobs.
By Andrew Hanson, Ph.D., and Ike Brannon, Ph.D.
November 2014

A Fresh Take on an Old Reliable: Milwaukee and Manufacturing

Report assesses a critical juncture in the future of Milwaukee as a city, namely, the fate of its sizable manufacturing sector within the city’s diversifying economy.
By Ryan Berg
January 2013

Road to Nowhere

Education and training under Wisconsin Works
By David Dodenhoff, Ph.D.
April 2005

Jobs in the New Millennium

Wisconsin's regional economies, 1999-2003
By Sammis White, Ph.D.
August 2004