Work is the best policy for poverty

Unfortunately, Governor Evers is undermining this fundamental value

By Angela Rachidi, Ph.D.

February 2020

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Wisconsin's Missing Rung

Policies linked to work are critical to lifting people out of poverty.
By Angela Rachidi, Ph.D.
January 2020

Labor shortage stems from minority education gap

Lack of minority high school and college grads and wide prosperity gaps will only exacerbate the region’s growing employee shortage, Milwaukee business leaders fear
Ken Wysocky - July 29, 2019

Drawing sidelined Wisconsin workers back to the labor force

Wisconsin employers are struggling to find qualified workers. At the same time, the state’s labor force participation rate is well below the peak reached during the last two economic expansions. What can employers and policy-makers do to get workers off the sidelines?
Ike Brannon and Andrew Hanson - September 6, 2018

Labor Force Participation Rate By County

An interactive map shows the labor force participation rate for every Wisconsin county. Washington County enjoys the highest participation rate (74.8%), while Adams County has the lowest rate (48.6%).

Wisconsin: A Blueprint for More Workers

In response to a tight state labor market, we offer strategies for increasing labor force participation. Authors Ike Brannon and Andrew Hanson find that increasing the participation rate by just 1 percentage point would increase gross state product by a whopping $667 annually per resident.

MJW Unlocking Potential 2016

Milwaukee Jobs Work takes business approach to helping ex-inmates and the chronically unemployed

The Prevailing Wage Law

Wisconsin’s wage-calculating system for public projects can be a nightmare for construction companies
By Jan Uebelherr

The Economic Impact of a Right Work Law on Wisconsin

Over the last 30 years, states with right-to-work (RTW) legislation have experienced greater per capita personal income growth than other states.

The Prevailing Wage Law

Prevailing wage law extends beyond construction project
By Lori Holly

A Fresh Take on an Old Reliable: Milwaukee and Manufacturing

Report assesses a critical juncture in the future of Milwaukee as a city, namely, the fate of its sizable manufacturing sector within the city’s diversifying economy.
By Ryan Berg January 2013

An evaluation of public and private earnings in wisconsin

The setting of public sector compensation should command the attention of all

Getting Milwaukee to Work

Antipoverty strategy where the rubber meets the road
May 1993

The cost of Wisconsin's opioid crisis

Beyond the lives lost and countless other tragedies related to addiction, the opioid epidemic imposes a heavy monetary cost in Wisconsin.
Ike Brannon and Devorah Goldman - May 4, 2017

Labor battling public sentiment and new economic era

Even Democrats favor a right-to-work law that would end compulsory union dues from unwilling workers.
Mike Nichols - February 20, 2015

The tiff over training

“The idea that if they lose union dues that will impact training is nonsense,” says Scott Manley of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.
Mike Nichols - February 20, 2015

Prevailing wage law rife with problems

There’s ample evidence that Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law is harming taxpayers and contractors, frustrating good government servants and diverting resources away from those in need.
Mike Nichols - May 2015