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Editor's Note

WPRI has transformed itself into the Badger Institute — a name that reaches back to the industrious miners of long ago but also moves us forward in new directions.
By Mike Nichols

Our frozen melting pot ... and who's responsible

The left’s complaints about cultural appropriation keep Americans separated rather than united.
By Aaron Rodriguez

Madison's goofy, divisive flag flap

Erecting cultural barriers ices out America's melting pot.
By Mike Nichols

Act 10 savings torpedoed

Federal regulations force school districts to spend that money or face funding cuts.
By Dan Benson and Julie Grace

The shameless chase for federal money

Private contractors help states grab more U.S. dollars at the expense of serving children and the poor.
By Dave Daley

Taking a seat: A profile of Daniel Kelly

How he went from relatively unknown lawyer to a justice on Wisconsin’s highest court.
By Dave Daley

The festering mess that is Illinois

And how tax reform and transportation upgrades can help Wisconsin take full advantage.
By Jay Miller

The future of Foxconn

Wisconsin’s huge investment hinges on the ever-evolving world of display technology.
By Robert S. Anthony

The Age of Trump: View from a Never Trumper

Contrarians must push back against nativist authoritarianism and return to conservative principles.
By Charles J. Sykes

The Age of Trump: View from a supporter

Never Trumpers’ myopia keeps them from seeing the greater danger that a Clinton presidency would have created.
By Bruce S. Thornton

Culture Con: How times have changed for conservatives in America

10 years ago, shaken Republicans thought the future pointed to Hayek and Reagan, not to Bannon and Le Pen.
By Richard Esenberg