August 13 Election: “Yes” to Wisconsin’s Smart Spending Amendments

“Yes” to government that’s fair and functional

On August 13, your vote protects what’s right and good in Wisconsin.

Right now, certain federal spending decisions are a one-person show in the state of Wisconsin. The governor alone — regardless of which party is in office — decides how billions in federal aid will be spent.

The August 13 election in Wisconsin can balance that — thanks to two statewide referendum questions. Voting “Yes” on each of them will compel the governor and legislators to work together, spend smarter, and protect the interests of all Wisconsinites.

The vote on August 13 isn’t about taking power away from any one governor. It’s about sharing Wisconsin’s spending authority with the people elected by voters like you in every district in the state.

“This isn’t a power grab or an R versus D issue. This applies to any governor — an Evers, a Walker, a Doyle, or a Thompson. If you vote ‘Yes,’ you’re saying you want your representative to have a say in how money is being spent, rather than one person deciding everything.”

— Rep. Robert Wittke, Racine

“Yes” on 1. “Yes” on 2.

Wisconsin Constitutional Amendment Vote — August 13, 2024​

A fair way forward for Wisconsin.

And it all starts with you.

Paid for by the Badger Institute Referendum Committee