Wisconsin Constitutional Amendment Vote

August 13, 2024

Out-of-control federal spending will eventually sink America. Turning the tide has to start somewhere.

For Wisconsin voters, it starts August 13.

Unlike many other states, Wisconsin’s governor currently has carte blanche over huge pools of federal spending. That means one person can dole out billions in taxpayer dollars unchecked.

The August 13 election in Wisconsin can change that.

Our state needs you to vote “Yes” on two constitutional amendments that would restore sanity to the spending process and hold both our governor and legislators accountable. Your “Yes” will help rein in wasteful, out-of-control spending of federal grants in Wisconsin and give legislators a say in the increasing flow of federal spending in our state.

Let’s get back to checks and balances; let’s get back to holding our government accountable.

Is now the time for smarter spending in Wisconsin?

If you’re on board, we’ll keep you in the loop on new developments in Wisconsin’s constitutional amendment vote — including a reminder to get to the polls on Tuesday, August 13.

“Yes” on 1. “Yes” on 2.

Wisconsin Constitutional Amendment Vote — August 13, 2024​

Better decisions on big spending.

And it all starts with you.

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