Mark Lisheron

Mark LisheronMark Lisheron is the managing editor of the Badger Institute's magazine, Diggings.

He is one of the founders of The Texas Monitor, a small government, free market news website based in Austin. He previously served as the managing editor for Reason Magazine's website. Prior to that, he was national deputy editor for, coordinating editors and reporters in more than two dozen state bureaus across the country. 

Over a more than 40-year career in journalism, 30 of them in newspapers, Lisheron was nominated three times for the Pulitzer Prize. He is the winner of the Stanley Walker Award, the highest award for journalism presented by The Texas Institute of Letters, the First Amendment Award from the Society of Professional Journalists in Texas and several national and state awards from Associated Press and United Press International.

Lisheron anchored the Austin American-Statesman's first modern investigative journalism team. He also served with distinction as the lone conservative/libertarian voice on the paper's editorial board. He produced award winning journalism during 14 years with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Beaumont (TX) Enterprise and the Tyler (TX) Morning Telegraph.

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Carl Sandburg recounts his disenchantment

"Hordes of job-seeking Socialists descended on our office wanting the crumbs of victory," says famed poet, who served as Emil Seidel’s secretary.
By Mark Lisheron

Dire need of accountability

The Badger Institute investigates where the billions went.
By Mark Lisheron

Medicaid on Red Alert

As stimulus rules supercharge costs, pressure grows to expand the unaccountable program in Wisconsin
By Mark Lisheron

Overwhelmed by COVID-19 relief

Local governments, awash in federal cash, still trying to spend down millions from the CARES Act 
By Mark Lisheron

State readies for absentee ballot crush

Elections commission is confident that ballot tracking and barcoding will mean smooth and secure voting
By Mark Lisheron

The Hop: Federal monies create a ‘financial anvil’ for Milwaukee

As streetcar ridership and funding dwindle, alderman warns of long-term fiscal burden
By Mark Lisheron
November 23, 2020

Victor Berger: Virulent bigot

The untold story — finally — of Milwaukee’s socialist icon and his appalling views toward blacks, immigrants and women.
By Mark Lisheron

Wealth tax doomed Emil Seidel

Milwaukee’s first socialist mayor blamed his 1912 re-election loss on his call to tax the assets of the rich.
By Mark Lisheron

Wisconsin mayors test guaranteed income

No strings attached entitlements for targeted groups is preview of something more permanent 
By Mark Lisheron