Mandate for Madison

Policy Recommendations for a More Prosperous Wisconsin

What will it take to make Wisconsin among the best places in America to live, work and do business? The Badger Institute has pulled together some of the best minds in the state and the country to offer answers. What follows is a book full of ideas and solutions about public policy centered on how to improve Wisconsin, offering research and recommendations from a remarkable set of scholars who bring extraordinary insight into Wisconsin’s situation. To make systemic change to problems holding back our state from greater prosperity, these options offer a fast start. 

“I can attest to the power of ideas in shaping policy reforms. Our 1981 Mandate for Leadership significantly influenced the Reagan Revolution in ways that benefited generations of Americans. The Badger Institute, with its Mandate for Madison, is casting the same vision, combining the free-market principles, in-depth research and legislative influence needed to produce opportunity and prosperity. The Badger Institute is advancing your values in Madison. I hope you will consider supporting their work at this critical time.”

Ed Feulner

Co-founder and former President, The Heritage Foundation

Mandate for Madison: Table of Contents


By Mike Nichols | October 2022

By Patrick McIlheran and Mike Nichols | September 2022


By Andrew Hanson | September 2022

By James Bohn | September 2022


By Robert W. Poole Jr & Benita Cotton-Orr | August 2022

By Ken Wysocky | September 2022


By Ken Wysocky | September 2022

By Daniel Sem, Ph.D., J.D. & Scott Niederjohn | July 2022

By Daniel Sem, Ph.D., J.D. & Scott Niederjohn | September 2022


By Angela Rachidi | August 2022

By Eloise Anderson | September 2022

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