UW System Faculty Opinion on Tenure

The Board of Regents for the University of Wisconsin System plans to adopt a new policy on tenure by April 2016.

University of Chicago Professor William Howell — himself a former professor at UW-Madison — has conducted an extensive survey of almost 1,400 members of the System faculty with tenure or on the tenure track. His research delves into levels of support for tenure among various groups of faculty, whether tenure is a good measure of quality, the possibility of renewable contracts as an alternative to tenure, academic freedom concerns and the use of post-tenure review.   

Professor Howell had complete control over the design, distribution and analysis of the survey. He received funding for the project from WPRI.

“The WPRI Board decided to fund this research because our public university system — 26 different campuses and the Extension — is so essential to the success of Wisconsin’s students, taxpayers, businesses in need of talent and expertise and, indeed, our entire economy. The citizens of this state deserve to know as much as possible about how it operates,” said WPRI President Mike Nichols.

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