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UW System Faculty Opinion on Tenure

Research by the University of Chicago's William Howell delves into levels of support for tenure among various groups of faculty, whether tenure is a good measure of quality, the possibility of renewable contracts as an alternative to tenure, academic freedom concerns and the use of post-tenure review.
December 2015

Wisconsinites Support Right-To-Work Legislation

Poll finds that support is also high for public funding of special needs students in private schools and Common Core.
January 2015

Highly Polarized Wisconsinites Split Over Walker Plan

Wisconsinites are deeply divided over Gov. Scott Walker’s plans regarding public employee benefits, wages and unions, according to a Badger Institute poll showing 51 percent somewhat or strongly opposed and 46 percent somewhat or strongly in favor.
March 2011

Majority of Public Opposes Milwaukee-to-Madison Rail Project

A majority of Wisconsinites polled between Nov. 15-17 oppose the Milwaukee-to-Madison rail project, and opposition grows slightly as respondents learn more about it.
November 2010

Likely Wisconsin Voters Pessimistic About State's Direction, Signaling Close Races

Although Wisconsinites are pessimistic about the direction of both the state and the country and remain anxious about the economic situation, there are some green shoots of optimism in public attitudes.
March 2010

Wisconsin Cautious About Obama Health Care Plan; Milwaukee Poised for Reform; 2010 Elections, and the Economy

Poll covers economy, state’s direction, 2010 election, Obama health care plan and school reform efforts in Milwaukee.
October 2009

Wisconsin Residents Overwhelmingly Oppose Raising Taxes on Businesses

Wisconsin residents oppose raising taxes on business profits by a range of 73% opposing it while only 19% supported raising taxes. These are among the key findings about statewide policy issues from the most recent survey of 600 Wisconsin residents.
November 28, 2008

Wisconsin Residents Continue to be Concerned About the Growing Costs of Health Care & Prescriptions

Controlling health care and prescription drug costs continues to be a major concern of Wisconsin residents in terms of the problem that most needs attention from state government.
November 26, 2008

Opinions About Public Education are Similar to 20 Years Ago

A slight majority believe they received a better education than students do today. And residents support major reforms in teacher compensation.
November 19, 2008

Wisconsin Residents are Heavily Invested in the Stock Market

82% of Wisconsin residents are now invested in the stock market through mutual funds, individual stocks or pension plans. In addition, 71% of our residents now believe that the stock market has a great deal of effect on the United States economy. They also believe that the stock market is a risky investment.
November 18, 2008

Wisconsin Residents Very Concerned About State's Economy

Jobs and the economy are the No. 1 concerns in Wisconsin. Residents continue to be disillusioned with the integrity of their state government and political leaders.
November 14, 2008

Barack Obama Leads John McCain in Presidential Race

Senator Barack Obama holds a 44% to 38% lead in Wisconsin over Senator John McCain in the presidential race.
August 7, 2008

Wisconsin Residents Back the Green Bay Packers - Not Brett Favre

In the ongoing clash between Brett Favre and Green Bay Packers management, the Wisconsin public clearly favors Packers management.
August 6, 2008