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After languishing for 150 years in the backwash of economic development in the Green Bay area, the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin (hereinafter “the Tribe”) is experiencing its first generation of prosperity. The prosperity is the result of a bingo and casino gambling franchise, hard work, and a good location. The Tribe is using

By William Thompson, Ph.D., Ricardo Gazel, Dan Rickman Gambling win or lose took my emotions. I don’t want to feel miserable anymore. member of a Gamblers Anonymous group in Wisconsin This is a study about social costs of gambling in Wisconsin. In April 1995, the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute released a report entitled The Economic

By Daniel Alesch, Ph.D. The Green Bay Packers, Inc., is America’s only publicly owned, not-for-profit, major-league sports franchise. The team has survived, even flourished, for 77 years in Green Bay – a city of 97,000 people in northeastern Wisconsin. The Packers team is an anomaly. National Football League rules prohibit replicating the Green Bay model.

By Simon Fass, Ph.D. – April 1991 The end of the United States’ military involvement in Indochina marked the beginning of a tide of refugee immigration from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos that would accumulate to almost one million individuals between 1975 and 1990. Tucked away in this flow of immigrants was a people from Laos