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If you’re not married to whomever you hooked up with nine months before your baby was born, you’re very unlikely to be together 15 years later. That makes it a lot harder to pay the bills.

Single-parent households are still the minority among U.S. households with children. However, the share of households with children headed by a single parent — rather than by a married or unmarried couple — varies from state to state. According to Census data from 2022, Wisconsin has the 25th highest percentage of single-parent households among the states and the District of Columbia.

The American Dream isn’t primarily about money. 

According to Pew Research Center analysis, just 11% said “being wealthy” is essential to the American Dream. Large majorities cite “freedom of choice in how to live” (77%), having a good family life (70%) and retiring comfortably (60%).

The good things in life in this democracy — opportunity, fulfillment, upward mobility, prosperity, the redounding energy and succor that comes from free association, love of relatives and friends