Fall 2021

Editor's Note

The infantilization of America
By Mike Nichols

A welfare spasm to dwarf the Great Society

Progressives ignore past failures, and have no idea how to pay for a 'greater society' 
By Ken Wysocky

Badger Briefing: Here's what we're hearing

Numbers from the front lines and the Badger Institute's latest work

Wisconsin mayors test guaranteed income

No strings attached entitlements for targeted groups is preview of something more permanent 
By Mark Lisheron

Overwhelmed by COVID-19 relief

Local governments, awash in federal cash, still trying to spend down millions from the CARES Act 
By Mark Lisheron

Black and Conservative

A frank conversation excerpted from the Badger Institute’s podcast series, Free Exchange

Pressing on with government venture capital

Gov. Evers wants to use $100 million in COVID funding to underwrite a ‘fund of funds’ 
By Michael Jahr

An infrastructure Trojan horse

Inside a $1.2 trillion bill, state Republicans say, is a progressive spending dream list 
By Johnny Kampis

Let private venture capital work its magic

Public-private hybrids underperform and are fraught with risk 
By Daniel Sem

An assault on free speech

Young conservatives fear and loathe cancel culture 
By Remso Martinez

Act 10 is 10

The former governor reflects and responds to his critics 
By Johnny Kampis