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Our guiding principles on criminal justice reform

Wisconsin’s criminal justice system largely fails both the population it is meant to serve as well as the taxpayers footing the bill. Our prisons are overcrowded, spending on corrections is increasing and too many returning citizens struggle to integrate back into their communities. Here we offer the Badger Institute’s guiding principles that inform our work and research related to criminal justice reform.

Julie Grace's testimony on expungement law reform

Badger Institute policy analyst Julie Grace testifies in Madison before the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee in support of Senate Bill 39, which will make necessary reforms to Wisconsin's expungement law - March 19, 2019

Wisconsin Trends

Numbers and nuggets from trends in Wisconsin — on everything from the state's tax rankings to our workforce shortage to the growth in occupational licensing to corrections to the transportation funding dilemma to the decline of the mainstream media - April 2018

Policy resources for Wisconsin lawmakers

We compiled a list of resources for state policy-makers on issues ranging from professional licensure to transportation funding to corrections reform. This handy brochure includes reports, commentaries and links to videos designed to inform public discourse on issues that will affect Wisconsin residents for years to come - May 2017

Mike Nichols' testimony on professional licensure

Mike Nichols and Krissy Hudack testify before state Senate Committee on Public Benefits, Licensing & State-Federal Relations - April 6, 2017

Mike Nichols testimony on prevailing wage law

Testimony before state Assembly Committee on Labor - May 27, 2015

Mike Nichols testimony on right-to-work

Testimony before state Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform - February 24, 2015

Welcome to PRImings

WPRI launches digital newsletter - July 2014

Tom Howatt elected board chairman of WPRI

Howatt replaces James Klauser - November 2013