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“We could do so much better but we’re not right now because the universities are one-sided and need to have more people to engage in a robust dialogue over what it is that we should be doing. We just don’t have that right now, and I think, as a consequence, we’re suffering, our students are suffering, the taxpayers are suffering, and the long-term success of universities is suffering.”

Many campuses in the University of Wisconsin System have been described by analysts as struggling financially and at risk for future financial troubles. Here is presented the staffing and enrollment trends for UW-Green Bay.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee recently announced that its Waukesha campus will close after the spring 2025 semester. Using data from the UW System’s accountability dashboard, we analyzed UWM’s enrollment and staffing levels relative to those of 20 years ago.

The average annual wages paid to professors at University of Wisconsin campuses have generally risen, but the rate at which they’ve risen varies widely — as do the campus averages.

Pushing back on a Gov. Tony Evers veto protecting the University of Wisconsin System’s extensive diversity, equity and inclusion infrastructure, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is asking for legislative committee approval to again remove $32 million from the system’s budget unless it dismantles its DEI programs.