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Occupational licensing regulations can undermine public health in the name of protecting it

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VIDEO: Occupational licensing regulations undermine public health in the name of protecting it

For more than a year, bureaucratic delays and hurdles imposed by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) deprived Meggan Thompson of a job and an income, and deprived Wisconsinites with debilitating mental health issues of the help she could have long ago provided.

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Report: Absence and Violation

Wisconsin licensing boards are routinely in violation of law requiring public representation.

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Telemedicine to the rescue 

Lawmakers In wake of COVID-19, telehealth regulations have been loosened; those changes should remain even after crisis is over. Read the article here.

Guidelines for addressing an emergency

These principles should guide Wisconsin lawmakers as they confront the current public health and economic crisis. Read the article here.

Analysis: Governor, courts shift virus risks, responsibilities onto county jails

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Analysis: Wisconsin's military licensing reciprocity law a model for broader reform

Arizona, Pennsylvania paved way for full licensure recognition. Read the article here.

Protectionist and restrictive

Decisions from licensing boards are oftentimes arbitrary and unfair. Read the article here.

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