Expungement reform would put
people back to work

Wisconsin’s law, which requires a judge to decide on expungement at the time of sentencing, is unlike any in the nation.

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Proven successes in reform

Experts at the Badger Institute Policy Symposium discuss ways that Wisconsin can improve its criminal justice system.

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Wisconsin Tax Options: A Guide
to Fair, Simple, Pro-Growth Reform

A new book by the Badger Institute and the Tax Foundation details how Wisconsin’s overall tax structure remains behind competitor states in simplicity, tax rates and business climate for residents and investment.

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The absurdity of PSC's 'avian mortality study'

Commission staff adds expensive requirement to Two Creeks solar farm project without considering the cost or whether a bird-death problem even exists.

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Dental therapists: A solution
to Wisconsin's costly dental
access problem?

Dental therapists could improve access, use and outcomes, while reducing economic costs associated with the dental care monopoly and unnecessary ER visits for dental treatment. Policy brief by Jason Hicks and Morris M. Kleiner.

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What's new from the Badger Institute

Badger Institute is now hiring

The Badger Institute is seeking a public affairs associate and a marketing and media coordinator to join its growing team. Read more here.

Tax Foundation analyzes tax proposals in Gov. Evers' budget

The Tax Foundation, which partnered with the Badger Institute to publish the recently released Wisconsin Tax Options: A Guide to Fair, Simple, Pro-Growth Reform, posted an assessment of the various tax proposals contained in Gov. Tony Evers' budget. The analysis examines changes to the individual income tax, business taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes and transportation taxes. Read the assessment here.

Expungement law reform

Badger Institute policy analyst Julie Grace testifies on March 19 before the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee in support of Senate Bill 39, which will make necessary reforms to Wisconsin's expungement law.
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► Expungement reform would put people back to work.
'Pathways to Employment' news conference.
Proven successes in reform.

Wisconsin's ideal pro-growth tax structure

Wisconsin’s overall tax structure remains behind competitor states in simplicity, tax rates and business climate for residents and investment. How can we reform the tax structure so that the state reaches its full potential? In a video from our recent Policy Symposium, Joe Bishop-Henchman and Katherine Loughead of the Tax Foundation discuss suggested reforms.
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Transportation needs and funding

Wisconsin has a transportation funding dilemma. How did it occur, and how can we fix it? In a video from our Policy Symposium, Dale Knapp, director of Forward Analytics, and Robert W. Poole Jr., director of transportation policy at the Reason Foundation, discuss growing expenditures, shrinking revenues and tolling solutions.
View Knapp's PowerPoint.
View Poole's PowerPoint.

How Wisconsin policy punishes some low-income parents for getting married

Policy brief: The state should make common-sense changes to Wisconsin Earned Income Tax Credit to mitigate the marriage penalty.

'Banning the box,' or boxing people out?

Policy brief: Fair-chance hiring policies may hurt the job-seekers they aim to help. 

Transportation Funding Dilemma

A primer on Wisconsin's unsustainable transportation revenues. The state's funding challenge is exacerbated by its past reliance on borrowing. By Dale Knapp.


Overcoming a mountain of occupational regulation in Wisconsin

New report doesn’t include comparisons with other states and policy recommendations. By visiting fellow Ed Timmons.

Institute grows team, moves to larger office

Julie GraceKirsten GolinskiEd Timmons




The Badger Institute's growth will allow even greater impact on key policy issues, President Mike Nichols says. Recent personnel changes include: Julie Grace, policy analyst in the Institute's Center for Opportunity; Kirsten Golinski, development associate; and Dr. Ed Timmons, visiting fellow.

A journey of second chances

Imagine a prisoner reentry program where the mentors include an FBI agent and a former federal prosecutor. Or a graduation ceremony where ex-offenders are encouraged, cheered and hugged not just by family and friends but by police officers, prison officials and judges. Imagine what could happen if the law enforcement community partnered with nonprofit organizations and employers to increase the likelihood of successful transition back to the community, breaking the cycle of incarceration. This video tells the story of Partners in Hope, a new reentry program in Milwaukee that has made this vision a reality.

Wisconsin: A Blueprint for More Workers

Report provides an overview of labor force participation in Wisconsin. Increasing the rate by just 1 percentage point would increase state GDP by $667 annually per resident. By Badger Institute visiting fellows Ike Brannon and Andrew Hanson.

Rethinking Wisconsin’s Highways

The Badger Institute hosted transportation expert Bob Poole to discuss Rethinking Wisconsin’s Highways. Poole promoted public-private partnerships and user-based tolls to address the congestion, maintenance, funding battles and pork barrel spending associated with the status quo. Watch the video here.

The impact and influence of the Badger Institute




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Project for 21st Century Federalism

The Project for 21st Century Federalism is the Badger Institute's multi-year investigation of the growth in federal grants and their effect on state and local governance. Highlights of the project:

How federal grants are turning state governments against their own people​​​​​​
Badger Institute book urges states to push back
Press release on "Federal Grant$tanding" book
Records request illustrates lack of transparency of federal school funding
Private school principals say federal funding process is flawed
Teachers want to help kids, not do paperwork
Educators decry feds' heavy-handed approach toward local schools
Survey of Wisconsin teachers who work under federally funded programs
Wisconsin school officials want federal role in local education reduced
Full school survey on federal funding
Invasion of the federal bean counters
Schools hire high-priced specialists to deal with complex grant rules
Federal rules distort local education policy
Legislators miss opportunity in ESSA to take control of education
Bureaucratic 'skim' of federal school funding
The federalization of Wisconsin DPI
Cash-strapped school districts burdened by federal grant regulations
Press release on the launch of Federal Grant$tanding project

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Bureaucracy devours funds that could support teaching
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Analysis highlights tax migration exodus from Wisconsin
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GOP tax bill provision aims to spark investment in low-income neighborhoods
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Licensing reform could fulfill aspiring chiropractor's lifelong dream
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Why toll roads are Wisconsin's only realistic solution to its transportation roadblock
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Tax credit, welfare reform among key issues facing Wisconsin lawmakers
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Value-added tolling would address Gov. Walker’s concerns
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New law makes it easier on barbers
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Mike Nichols on federal tax spending at local school districts
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WPRI becomes the Badger Institute
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Local schools deserve local control
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Local schools deserve local control
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Green Bay barber testifying to Legislature
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Barber, UW student to explain how licensure stymies their startups
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Look down the road in transportation funding debate
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Wisconsin residents still pay a mother lode of taxes
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Dems attempt to mobilize lobbyists against licensing reform
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