Luncheon with Jay Nordlinger of National Review

Jay Nordlinger, senior editor of National Review and a book fellow at the National Review Institute, joins the Badger Institute to keynote a June 15 luncheon in Madison.

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Courts clogged

Pandemic made the problem of delayed justice worse in Wisconsin


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Killers and Thieves Walking Free

Criminals are emboldened if they think they won’t get caught

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NEW! Diggings Spring 2022

Stories include an infrastructure fraud exposé, school choice values, CARES Act squandered, a constitutional amendment, and more

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Dire need for accountability

The Badger Institute investigates where the billions went.

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Bang for the private college buck

Tax data shows which state universities better promote graduates' upward mobility.

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What's New

Killers and Thieves Walking Free

Criminals are emboldened if they think they won’t get caught
May 19, 2022

Patrick McIlheran on Vicki McKenna Show

Patrick McIlheran discusses with Vicki McKenna the traumatic impact that school lockdowns have had on Wisconsin kids
May 16, 2022

Next time, listen to parents

Kids are reaping the consequences of school shutdowns
May 12, 2022

Wisconsinites overwhelmingly support work requirements, police in schools

Survey solicits opinions on health care, crime, occupational licensing and other issues
May 3, 2022

Survey: UW System grads mostly satisfied with college experience, outcomes

Alumni also express concerns about debt and the value of their degrees
May 5, 2022

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Spring 2022 Diggings Magazine 

A foundational change

On the road to waste and fraud

Bang for the private college buck

Dire need of accountability

Building moral character

The new capitalism

Courts clogged


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Dig Deeper

The Project for 21st Century Federalism is the Badger Institute's multi-year investigation of the growth in federal grants and their effect on state and local governance

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