Wisconsin Assembly passes three police reform bills and expungement reform

Reforms recommended by Badger Institute will increase transparency, work oppourtunities

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Badger Institute launches new podcast "Free Exchange"

Witness to history: The first episode features a Wisconsin school board president who 40 years ago was taken hostage during the embassy crisis in Iran.


Wisconsin's surplus presents opportunity for down payment on future economic growth

A menu of pro-growth tax reform options from the Tax Foundation and the Badger Institute.

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A pandemic rivalry in the St. Croix Valley

Two very different COVID-19 responses produce different economic outcomes in Hudson, WI, and Stillwater, MN

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Another $5.7 billion for local governments is insane

An unnecessary second stimulus is an invitation for state, county and local officials to act irresponsibly with our tax money

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What's New

Occupational Licensing in Wisconsin: A Roadmap for Reform

In a joint brief with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, we lay out the problems with occupational licensing in Wisconsin and what meaningful reforms can be enacted.
By Julie Grace and Kyle Koenen
June 14, 2021

Milwaukee streetcar struggles to rebound, bleeds red ink

The Hop runs a $3 million deficit every year, yet city leaders say it's too expensive to shut down.
By FOX6 Investigative Reporter Bryan Polcyn
June 9, 2021

Coalition urges passage of expungement bill

Conservative organizations, business groups support commonsense reforms
June 3, 2021

Free Market Coalition venture capital letter

The Evers administration included a $100 million public venture capital fund in its state budget proposal. While the Republican-controlled Legislature cut 400 items from the governor’s budget, this measure survived. In an open letter, the Wisconsin Free Market Coalition today calls on legislators to jettison this expensive and risky proposal.
May 26, 2021

Proposed expungement law would mostly help misdemeanants

Eighty-seven percent of people who would qualify for an expungement under proposed legislation have never committed anything more serious than a misdemeanor, according to new data from the Badger Institute.

Government and venture capital don’t mix

Why Wisconsin shouldn’t spend $100 million in taxpayer money to invest in private enterprise
By Andrew Hanson, Ph.D.
May 24, 2021

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