Wisconsin DOC classifies as violent many more offenses than does the FBI


State needs better crime data to get an accurate picture of who’s incarcerated here and why

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Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System in Wisconsin - What We Know Thus Far

The racial disparities in Wisconsin's criminal justice system are among the worst in the country.

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Stealing from Posterity

A conversation with Sen. Ron Johnson on the national debt crisis

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Informed communities are safer communities

Wisconsin needs criminal justice data collection and reporting legislation

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Strategies for improving community-police relations

Video: Hope for America

Strategies for improving community-police relations

Policy brief: Force Used in 3% of Arrests in Biggest Wisconsin Cities

Badger Institute today urges legislators to mandate better statewide data
August 31, 2020

Tax Options to Promote Short-Term Recovery and Long-Term Economic Growth in Wisconsin

The policy decisions state policymakers make in the months ahead will have far-reaching implications for how quickly jobs and wages are restored in Wisconsin.
Katherine Loughead - July 16, 2020

Universal licensure recognition bills gain momentum

A growing list of states that have adopted universal licensure recognition
July 22, 2020

Project for 21st Century Federalism

The Project for 21st Century Federalism is the Badger Institute's multi-year investigation of the growth in federal grants and their effect on state and local governance.



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