A Primer on Occupational Licensing

What is occupational licensing, how does it affect employment and consumer costs, and what options exist for reform?

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Report: Absence and Violation

Wisconsin licensing boards are routinely in violation of law requiring public representation.

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Wisconsin's Missing Rung

Policies linked to work are critical to lifting people out of poverty

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Taxpayers Taken for a Ride: The Milwaukee Streetcar

The Hop, a $128 million streetcar that travels a 2.1-mile loop in downtown Milwaukee, is a classic boondoggle made possible by federal grants (i.e., taxpayer money).

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Video - Dental therapy: A proven remedy to oral care shortages in Wisconsin

1.2 million Wisconsinites live in dental care shortage areas. Children, seniors, veterans & the disabled are most likely to lack access to oral care. Here’s a successful effort to provide dental care to underserved populations without relying on taxpayers.

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Badger Institute Symposium Series

Please join the Badger Institute for a roundtable discussion on work, poverty and the use of federal safety nets to promote self-reliance. Click here for more details.

New bills would make it easier for Wisconsinites to work

Senate committee passes two licensing reform bills. Read the article here.

Tougher on Taxpayers

Wisconsin's prison system will require hundreds of millions of dollars for new construction, operating costs just to keep up with population growth. Read the article here.

Diggings Magazine Fall 2019

Legislators in lockstep: Election reforms gain support
Government's unfair housing foray
The perils of state-run retirement plans
No need for state-run student loan refinancing
Where dental therapy is longer in the tooth
Federal programs won't go away
Wealth tax doomed socialist mayor Emil Seidel
Who's gonna pay for DNC convention in Milwaukee?
Culture Con: Madison school district assumes it knows best

Project for 21st Century Federalism

The Project for 21st Century Federalism is the Badger Institute's multi-year investigation of the growth in federal grants and their effect on state and local governance.

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