Spring 2021

Editor's Note

What, exactly, have our governments just done for us?
By Mike Nichols

Medicaid on Red Alert

As stimulus rules supercharge costs, pressure grows to expand the unaccountable program in Wisconsin
By Mark Lisheron

Badger Briefing: Here's what we're hearing

Nuggets and numbers from trends we've observed on topics from vaccines to marijuana to bankruptcy

An artificial boom

Massive federal spending leaves many in the Badger State better off, but the bill is coming due
By Michael Jahr

A pandemic rivalry in the St. Croix Valley

Two very different COVID-19 responses produce different economic outcomes in Hudson, WI, and Stillwater, MN
By Kevyn Burger

Floating the little guy

Federal dollars drove personal, small bankruptcies down, but Chapter 11s were flat and could spike
By Benjamin Garbedian

Students bear brunt of COVID-19 inequality

Families turn to private schools as MPS ignores federal entreaties and keeps classrooms shut
By Julie Grace

Another $5.7 billion for Wisconsin governments is insane

An unnecessary second stimulus is an invitation for state, county and local officials to act irresponsibly with our tax money
By Mike Konecny

A pandemic tipping point

A refusal by MPS and the teachers union to resume in-person classes is a boon to other schools
By Mike Nichols

Operation Vaccination

Wisconsin stumbled early getting shots into arms. Here’s what happened.
By Ken Wysocky

Vast majority of victims were elderly

Downplayed by the media, two very different COVID-19 outcomes for the old and young
By Richard Moore