Choice Stories

An ongoing series of articles and videos featuring the stories of Wisconsin parents seeking the best education options for their kids.


“Choice schools have a higher standard”

Chershanta Smith can’t imagine her daughter, Gabrielle, attending school anywhere other than St. Marcus Lutheran School in Milwaukee’s Brewer’s Hill neighborhood. And that’s not only because she believes her daughter is receiving an excellent education at St. Marcus through the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, but because the school’s community has embraced and supported her entire family. She teared up when describing a financial empowerment program the school offers that has helped her family improve their finances to the point where they are close to being able to purchase a home for the first time.

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School choice helps family rebound after tragedy

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, Wishkub Kinepoway faced two family crises with some crying, some praying and a lot of determination. A member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians and a Shawano County transplant, Kinepoway knew she needed to make a change for her children. She also knew that change wouldn’t come without school choice.

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“Such a blessing”

Elita Williams and her daughter Brielle sit down with for a Q&A with veteran journalist Marilyn Krause to talk about the benefits to their family of being able to choose a school and education program for the children and the key role the choice program plays in providing access and funding to attend a private school.

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Parents don’t have to settle for a race to mediocrity

Scarlett Johnson is active in trying to reform her children’s school district. She sits down with Badger Institute Policy Director Patrick McIlheran to explain what drives her to act on behalf of her local schools, and why more parents should do so.

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An Epidemic of Decline

Cheryle Rebholz is in the initial stages of starting a new independent charter school, North Shore Classical Academy. She sits down with Badger Institute President Mike Nichols to explain why a new charter school is needed in her area, why parents are already clamoring to sign up their kids and why the politicians should provide the same amount of funding for students at charter and voucher schools as they provide for students at traditional public schools.

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