Maureen Oster

Maureen Oster is one of the female pioneers in the financial investment industry, having spent over 40 years managing a diverse range of funds and fund managers. As president of a small family of funds in a period of explosive industry growth, she kept her funds competitive in terms of both investment performance and shareholder communications. As a manager and later trustee for one of America's largest public pension funds, she chaired the committee of the board that  instituted an incentive compensation system. She also chaired the board committee that brought international holdings into the portfolio for the first time, far ahead of other public pension funds.

When she and Lipper Advisory Services Inc. founded MBO Advisors, LLC, Oster envisioned a firm that would deliver asset allocation and fund/manager advice to its clients regardless of the packaging and delivery of the fund/manager product. The merger with Cleary Gull Inc. in 2003 brought depth of infrastructure to MBO Advisors and investment experience to Cleary Gull. Oster continued as an officer of Lipper Advisory Services Inc. and its financial services hedge fund, L&S Partners, LLC through 2010. At the end of 2011, Oster retired from active involvement in the investment management business.

Oster has served as president and director of Heritage Investment Advisors Inc., the Newton Funds (acquired by Marshall & Ilsley Corp. in 1985), director and member of the Executive Committee of the No Load Mutual Fund Association, a trustee of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (one of America’s largest public pension funds), director of Milwaukee Insurance (now part of Unitrin), president and director of Johnson Asset Management, director of Johnson International Inc. and president and founder of MBO Advisors, LLC. 

Oster holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a member of the CFA Institute, member of the Marquette University Business Advisory Council, and member and past president and director of the Milwaukee Investment Analysts Society. She has served on various foundation boards and CFA Institute committees and has experience as a director and fiduciary of both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations and a number of colleges and universities.