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What is occupational licensing? How does it affect labor markets, wages, prices and interstate migration? Morris Kleiner, professor and AFL-CIO chair in Labor Policy at the University of Minnesota and author of “At What Cost? State and National Estimates of the Economic Cost of Occupational Licensing,” discusses his research at the Badger Institute’s Policy Symposium.

Wisconsin has a dental access problem, especially for low-income individuals, says Morris Kleiner, professor at the University of Minnesota. Kleiner explains how allowing dental therapists could provide the solution. Kleiner’s presentation was delivered at the Badger Institute’s Policy Symposium.

Early childhood and special education teacher Sheila Noordzy has her hands full teaching a class of 18 3-to-5-year-old children in the Chequamegon School District in Park Falls. She often puts in long hours, partly due to federal paperwork that takes her away from working with the children. Federal requirements in special education are especially burdensome, educators tell the Badger Institute in a survey.