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By Simon Fass, Ph.D. – April 1991 The end of the United States’ military involvement in Indochina marked the beginning of a tide of refugee immigration from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos that would accumulate to almost one million individuals between 1975 and 1990. Tucked away in this flow of immigrants was a people from Laos

By Tonia Devon, Ph.D., Rustum Roy, Ph.D. State programs in science and technology in the late seventies and eighties were largely responses by governors to the steady downturn in the manufacturing sector of the economy, which in the northeast had become a serious problem.  They were also responding to international competition and the perception that

By Roger Parks, Ph.D., Ronald Oakerson, Ph.D. Throughout the 1980s and into 1990, Wisconsin has labored over the twin issues of property tax relief and the control of state/local spending. The two concerns are interrelated, but differently focused. Effective property tax relief requires local tax restraint; otherwise tax dollars spent for relief may instead finance increases in