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Consider the plump budget, the slow high-speed train and class-conscious Legos. As John Keats would have appreciated, autumn in Wisconsin…

In state capitols across the country governors and legislatures have been forced to put all of their energy into solving enormous fiscal shortfalls. Given their dependence on income tax and sales tax revenues, the 2001 recession hit state governments particularly hard. In 2003, no fewer than 39 states, including Wisconsin, experienced budget gaps. During the

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, the state’s flagship campus, is increasingly important to the future of Wisconsin. In a new century in which the economy is becoming ever more reliant on knowledge, the state’s lead university must be able to step up and better serve its constituency

By Roger Parks, Ph.D., Ronald Oakerson, Ph.D. Throughout the 1980s and into 1990, Wisconsin has labored over the twin issues of property tax relief and the control of state/local spending. The two concerns are interrelated, but differently focused. Effective property tax relief requires local tax restraint; otherwise tax dollars spent for relief may instead finance increases in